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spite / злость, злоба, озлобленность
имя существительное
anger, spite, malice, dander
malice, spite, rancor, venom, malevolence, despite
spite, exasperation, rancor, rancour
делать назло
salt, spite
annoy, plague, molest, vex, torment, spite
имя существительное
a desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone.
he'd think I was saying it out of spite
deliberately hurt, annoy, or offend (someone).
he put the house up for sale to spite his family
Luke has never done anything to hurt me or spite me, to anger me or make me regret myself.
It was on my third or fourth circuit of the city centre that I decided they'd hidden Bristol Temple Meads railway station, just to spite me.
He was too angry and full of spite towards the goddess for them not to be true.
he put the house up for sale to spite his family
The answer appears to be that he hates Frank Lautenburg so much that he will cost his party the election to spite him.
Clara said the last word with as much spite and disgust as she could conjure.
She couldn't care less for Charles Hamilton and did it only to spite Ashley.
it seemed as if the wind had a spite at her
In truth, he seems to be more motivated and inspired by bitterness and spite than ever.
He hoped she grew out of her hatefulness one day, and hoped that there was a good reason why she was so full of malice and spite .