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spit / плевать, плюнуть, плеваться
spit, expectorate, gob
spit, splutter, sputter
имя существительное
spit, skewer, broach, roasting-jack
spit, spittle, gob
saliva, slabber, spittle, spit, sputum, water
имя существительное
an act of spitting.
a long, thin metal rod pushed through meat in order to hold and turn it while it is roasted over an open fire.
chicken cooked on a spit
a narrow point of land projecting into the sea.
a narrow spit of land shelters the bay
a layer of earth whose depth is equal to the length of the blade of a spade.
break up the top spit with a fork
eject saliva forcibly from one's mouth, sometimes as a gesture of contempt or anger.
Todd spit in Hugh's face
light rain falls.
it began to spit
put a spit through (meat) in order to roast it over an open fire.
I spitted the squirrel meat and turned it over the flames
Eana peered at some meat roasting on a spit , and Ziven grabbed Felicity's hand, leading her into the dining room.
To read Proulx aloud your mouth needs plenty of spit in it.
He was just hungry and curious enough to follow his nose and went down a new alley, coming upon an Arab with an eye patch over one eye, cooking a hunk of meat on a spit over a open fire.
We bury the skin, fur, head and entrails using a shovel we brought, and then set the meat roasting on a spit on the fire.
During the 19th century, barbecues on these properties were legendary, with the beef cooking on a spit over a huge fire while ranchers and their ladies danced the night away.
He could almost see the man's spit flying from his mouth as he hissed angrily into the phone.
break up the top spit with a fork
There are a lot of roasted and grilled meats and in fact pork was roasting on a spit in the corner of the garden.
it began to spit
The food in Iraq is okay, but it mostly involves roasted meat on a spit .