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spirituous / спиртной, алкогольный
имя прилагательное
alcoholic, spirituous
alcoholic, spirituous
имя прилагательное
containing much alcohol; distilled.
spirituous beverages
To him spirituous liquor is a superfluous and dangerous luxury.
The current occupant of the White House, we all know is a tee-totaler, but previous Presidents have been well-known for their spirituous preferences.
An overflow crowd, clearly inebriated by spirituous drink, literally gathered around the field and scaled nearby trees to watch the game.
The food was served in the house and the wake participants then adjourned ‘to a very large barn, in which spirituous liquors of every kind, and tobacco in profusion, with pipes, were distributed.’
Insects crawled freely around the cracks in the walls, and across the bottles of spirituous beverages.