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spiritual / духовный, одухотворенный, религиозный
имя прилагательное
spiritual, inner, ecclesiastical, moral, sacred, clerical
religious, spiritual, devotional, pious, godly, pi
имя существительное
believer, spiritual, churchman
церковные дела
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.
I'm responsible for his spiritual welfare
of or relating to religion or religious belief.
the tribe's spiritual leader
имя существительное
a religious song of a kind associated with black Christians of the southern US, and thought to derive from the combination of European hymns and African musical elements by black slaves.
The Cwmbach Male Voice Choir entertained with a traditional repertoire of Welsh hymns, spirituals and songs from opera and the shows.
They interviewed people on their way of life, emotions, the history of Nestinari and most of all their souls and their spiritual ritual and mystical powers.
I don't think there is any connection between religion and our spiritual journey.
Can people be spiritual only if they feel a certain way?
A deeply spiritual prayer engages the souls of all who are present and will move the hearers often to tears.
They were deeply spiritual men engaged in a political enterprise.
Our spiritual existence affects our physical existence, and vice versa.
But little research on whether spiritual or religious beliefs alter the process of grief has been carried out.
Kathy is interested in how our environment - cultural, physical and spiritual - affects what we do, and thus who we become.
You're very much a spiritual person aren't you?
While we respect religious creeds, spiritual leaders and church councils, none of these can bind our consciences or force us to believe or observe anything outside of Bible truth.