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spire / шпиль, шпиц, виток
имя существительное
spire, steeple, capstan, pin, needle, top
spire, spitz, Pomeranian, steeple, pom, pinnacle
turn, coil, loop, convolution, wind, spire
ear, spire
germinate, sprout, spring, spire, grow out, pullulate
подниматься ввысь
soar, spire
имя существительное
a tapering conical or pyramidal structure on the top of a building, typically a church tower.
He enjoyed a reputation for building tall elegant masonry structures such as church towers and spires .
the upper tapering part of the spiral shell of a gastropod mollusk, comprising all but the whorl containing the body.
However, the upper spire whorls of P. calafia are shorter than the corresponding ones on P. acuminata.
The animal crawled with the spire of the shell facing backwards, unlike pre-torted Bellerophontids.
Initially in Norman style, it developed into a great Gothic cathedral with a towering spire , the largest church in England and third largest in Europe.
Much of the repair work centres on the spire of the church where water has been leaking into tower and rotting the foundations.
Seres started to forge a chant and the flower was concealed within a spire of red light.
Inspection of the literature reveals that a number of fossil species of cerithiform gastropods have a high-pyramidal spire like that of Alamirifica.
Most of the infrastructure is completed, including the framework for the spire on the abbey tower.
To assure a robust flower spire , feed plants in late winter or early spring with a balanced dry fertilizer or a top dressing of well-rotted manure or compost.
However, the upper spire whorls of P. calafia are shorter than the corresponding ones on P. acuminata.
The great tree is an ancient spire of dead wood, made of lignin and cellulose by the ancestors of the thin layer of living cells that go to constitute its bark.
Connected to the tips of each spire was a crescent moon.