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spiral-bound / спиральный переплет
имя прилагательное
(of a book or notepad) bound with a wire or plastic spiral threaded through a row of holes along one edge.
The religion has its own literature, of course, consisting of several spiral-bound books containing information from Sylvia and her ‘spirit guides.’
The red box it came in stands out on the shelf; the cover typography is distinctive and the spiral-bound book itself, with its luminous green pages, is a visual treat.
It publishes information at several levels, from the comprehensive Manual of Standard Practice to the Ready Reference Reinforcing Steel Resource Guide, a very handy spiral-bound book.
The Web version replaces the 104-page, spiral-bound sourcebook originally created to assist media reporters in identifying university specialists.
So when I got home I typed up the first five sections of this report, then dug up an old spiral-bound notebook and scrawled the word ‘OBSERVATIONS’ on the first page.
This oversized spiral-bound book of more than 200 pages includes all the phonics from grades K to 2 of the full McRuffy curriculum.
He keeps large, spiral-bound sketchbooks in which he routinely draws new shapes in small-format compositions, some of which may later serve as points of reference for paintings in progress.
‘Skating Dreams’ actually started out in a spiral-bound notebook that I started writing in during my summer job at the local Hospital.
This 136-page reproducible spiral-bound book is designed to be used without outside instruction.
Red with fury, the sweet little Kenny picked up his scattered books and was looking for his orange spiral-bound notebook frantically.
The two of us sat down that night at Mic's coffee table with a spiral-bound notebook, a few bags of chips and a pitcher of iced tea to work out the ideas and parameters for E10.