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spiny / колючий, покрытый шипами или иглами, затруднительный
имя прилагательное
barbed, prickly, spiny, scratchy, thorny, spiky
покрытый шипами или иглами
difficult, embarrassing, baffling, awkward, knotty, spiny
имя прилагательное
full of or covered with prickles.
a spiny cactus
Buckeyes are dropping from the trees - watch out for the spiny ones - and squirrels bide their time, waiting for undefended focaccia crumbs to hit the ground.
Seingô shrieked in rage, and clawed out at him with spiny , thorny arms.
More often then not, in any SEO project, the spiny issue of homepage word-count arises in the process of optimizing a client's site.
A key characteristic is their well-defined spiny hairs, which cover their body and give them a prickly appearance.
Spicules are loosely interlocked to form a large and spiny subspherical shell.
Also, the undersides of an osprey's feet are covered in spiny spicules which prevent fish from wriggling free.
Right in the middle, covering the short spiny grass, was a huge, brilliantly white Colosseum that had seen better days, but still stood sturdy and still.
Both the Greater Weever and the Lesser Weever are capable of inflicting a sharp and painful sting from the spiny rays of the first dorsal fin.
They were spiny and long, tipped with sharp spikes.
We sharpened sticks with our pocketknives to throw at the ever-present lizards - giant spiny creatures that made the trees their home.