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spinner / обтекатель втулки, прядильщик, пряха
имя существительное
обтекатель втулки
spinner, spinneret
имя существительное
a person occupied in making thread by spinning.
She claimed to be Clotho, the spinner of the thread of life!
a person or thing that spins.
a lure designed to revolve when pulled through the water.
Although not often recognized as ‘big bass’ lures, spinnerbaits have accounted over the years for many double-digit largemouths.
a metal fairing that is attached to and revolves with the propeller boss of an aircraft in order to streamline it.
Oddly, there was a lack of a streamlining spinner over the blunt propeller hub.
A reader asks if they link us with the days of the hand-loom weaver and the home spinner ?
He spun his stick around in his fingers like a spinner would with thread.
She claimed to be Clotho, the spinner of the thread of life!
Check the spinner mount screws to see if they're loose or if cracks are radiating from the holes.
Mary Daly is a spinner and weaver, a performer, a wicked player throwing her life into the creation of new time.
When they talk about the spinner more than his product, it is plainly time for him to go.
People kept asking Qadir why he was not helping his country produce a spinner like him.
The difference in the weight of the whorl, the degree of teasing and the skill of the spinner dictated the quality of the thread.
Now registered R260Y / Race 52, there had not been time to finish a spinner for the propeller hub.
The couple met while working at Bairstow's Mill, Sutton, where Ernest was an apprentice engineer and Gwen a spinner .