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spineless / бесхребетный, бесхарактерный, мягкотелый
имя прилагательное
spineless, invertebrate, pithless
spineless, boneless, characterless, invertebrate, molluscous, feeble
spineless, flabby, molluscous, doughfaced
имя прилагательное
having no spine or backbone; invertebrate.
It remains a lifeless and spineless human creation.
lacking resolution; weak and purposeless.
a spineless coward
(of an animal or plant) lacking spines.
spineless forms of prickly pear have been selected
Sure, they have vegetable plates too, if you're weak and spineless .
This government is the most spineless , intellectually dishonest, corrupt, incompetent and callous administration this Federation has ever known.
The fruits are spineless but with several or many foliaceous scales.
She still seemed weak and spineless to me, and she was obviously used to men making all her decisions and even all her excuses for her.
I was too much of a spineless wuss to go after you.
That's comforting - if you're a spineless , codependent imbecile.
I immediately ruled out those brown-nosers, though; spineless obedience is nice, but I couldn't depend on them to carry out dangerous tasks.
It remains a lifeless and spineless human creation.
If I'm weak for showing my feelings, then you're weak and spineless for hiding them.
He described career envoys as weak or spineless .