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spine-tingling / позвоночник-покалывание
имя прилагательное
thrilling or pleasurably frightening.
a spine-tingling adventure
Although the World Cup is all encompassing at the moment, when it comes to sport there is no more spine-tingling moment than when 65,000 fans at Murrayfield sing ‘Flower of Scotland’.
So at a spine-tingling opening, the audience walked into the exhibition space to find the puppets slowly lifted from supine positions on the floor - and ritually strung up from nooses on the roof.
Extreme jobs are a problem when they're staffed by workers who aren't necessarily stoked by the spine-tingling thrill of a shift in interest rates, or jazzed by the chance to restructure a call center in Omaha.
I was a little shocked to find Medusa's entrance as eerie and spine-tingling as it was when I was ten.
Each member contributes songs and favourite covers to the project, but the group is able to ‘Jennify’ each number to make it their own, complete with signature spine-tingling harmonies.
The use of lighting plays an intrinsic role in creating a horrific, spine-tingling environment for the characters to interact within.
The moody, minimal, electronica of Natja and the gentle strumming of Diving Horses (with Dot Allison's plaintive, spine-tingling vocals) are the same; demanding repeated listening.
I'm looking for some good horror - scary, spine-tingling , don't-read-when-you're-alone books to get me through this season that I always save for cheap-thrill reading.
And Shyamalan's skill at creating outrageously weird and spine-tingling situations remains keen.
Shortly after the Hermes flyby of October 1937, the American Museum of Natural History created a spine-tingling exhibit for public display.