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spindly / веретенообразный, длинный и тонкий
имя прилагательное
fusiform, spindly, spindle-shaped
длинный и тонкий
spindly, taper
имя прилагательное
(of a person or limb) long or tall and thin.
spindly arms and legs
Zim's spindly arms and legs, Gaz's angry squint, and Dib's unimaginably large head are all hallmarks of Vasquez's designs.
He was a rather thin, spindly boy with plain brown hair and plain brown eyes and plain, light brown skin.
A tall tech with spindly legs and oversized glasses shrieks as he starts to pick up the poor damaged piece of gadgetry like it's his own child.
She continued filming as the aliens filed off the bus, apparently entire families of them in various sizes, though all of them looked thin and spindly compared to the human soldiers next to them.
Aradia, Gwydion and Faunus were made to sit in three rickety and spindly chairs before the thirteen members of the Society of Sorcerers.
Instead of viciously attacking them, the amphibian began to speak in a gurgling voice, thin spindly arms waving about.
It had been a large house, with three stories and a tall, spindly tower on one end.
He reminded me strongly of my maths teacher, same tall frame and spindly limbs but he had long platinum blond hair and he was garbed in a ridiculous jesters outfit.
When growing from seed, reduce crowding by pulling up weak, spindly sprouts to allow 2-to - 6 inches of space between them.
The women cower behind the spindly couches and fragile chairs.