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spindle / шпиндель, веретено, веретен
имя существительное
spindle, shaft, arbor
spindle, shank
имя прилагательное
stretch, extend, spindle
делаться длинным и тонким
насаживать на ось, вал и т.п.
имя существительное
a slender rounded rod with tapered ends used in hand spinning to twist and wind thread from a mass of wool or flax held on a distaff.
There'll always be a huge demand here for raw wool from Australia, provided we can keep the spindles here spinning wool and keep them away from spinning synthetics.
a rod or pin serving as an axis that revolves or on which something revolves.
It is for this reason that we spot-face our cranks at the same time we drill the hole for the pedal spindle and bottom bracket axis.
a slender mass of microtubules formed when a cell divides. At metaphase, the chromosomes become attached to it by their centromeres before being pulled toward its ends.
A critical step in the cell cycle is the proper attachment of chromosomes to the mitotic spindle during metaphase.
a shrub or small tree with slender toothed leaves and pink capsules containing bright orange seeds. The hard timber was formerly used for making spindles.
A lime tree there is already turning a beautiful bright yellow, and a large Himalayan spindle bush is taking on rich red and pink colouring.
impale (a piece of paper) on a metal spindle for temporary filing purposes.
do not fold, spindle, or mutilate
While traveling along the Inca Road, Muller carries wool and a spindle with her.
A critical step in the cell cycle is the proper attachment of chromosomes to the mitotic spindle during metaphase.
Get someone to sit on an office chair that can turn, looking directly upward along the axis of the spindle of the chair.
The next part, however, requires that I learn how to work a spindle and make scarlet garments for my household and purple silk tapestries for myself, not to mention selling fine linen to the local merchants.
These reels are fitted with easy grip handles, quick release spool and a stainless steel spindle .
The spindle had papers stuck onto it; one of them slid off and away through the air.
In her left hand Eve holds a loop of raw fiber, and in her right, a drop spindle .
Keep track of all your orders with this simple wire order slip spindle .
Kinetochore proteins bind to a microtubule spindle to keep chromosomes segregated during cell division.
I have run across two opposing theories in regards to proper cleat positioning in relation to the pedal spindle .