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spinal / спинной, спинномозговой, спинальный
имя прилагательное
dorsal, spinal, tergal
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the spine.
spinal injuries
Sledging accidents in Britain cause a multitude of injuries, including spinal trauma.
The posterior inferior cerebellar artery may provide the posterior spinal artery.
No spinal injury or related neurological deficit was ever detected in this patient, either before or after death.
I met Dave in 1992, when we were both inpatients at a spinal injuries unit.
This arrangement has consequences for the effects of spinal injury at different vertebral levels.
The dorsal root ganglia associated with any one of the lumbar or upper sacral spinal nerves may be doubled.
Those that have entered the water from a height may also have intra-abdominal, thoracic, and spinal injuries.
The anesthesia care provider places a lumbar spinal drain to control intracranial pressure.
The mechanism of most spinal cord injuries is spinal fracture or dislocation.
He had particular interests in spinal and hip joint surgery and in hand surgery.