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spin-out / затягивать, растягивать, долго и нудно рассказывать
protract, span, spin out
stretch, stretch out, pull, expand, extend, spread
долго и нудно рассказывать
spin out
имя существительное
a skidding spin by a vehicle out of control.
On slippery surfaces, the car takes over and automatically controls steering torque to prevent a spin-out .
Conversely, looking where the car is skidding can cause you to steer in that direction, causing a spin-out .
My fender had already been dented in, from a spin-out into a snow drift.
Meanwhile, Edinburgh University is to lose its own spin-out expert.
the spin-out from my being left by my father was part of what drove me
Trials will take place in the second half of the year with the hope that, eventually, the technology can either be sold on licence or form the basis of a spin-out company.
For this reason, as the university spin-out company prepares to emerge into the cut-throat world of business, it is important that a competent and effective commercial team is already in place.
Herein lies the skill; going into a turn too fast will result in a " spin-out ," as it does in a real car.
Creating spin-out companies should become easier this year as the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, has altered the infamous Schedule 22 rule which penalised academics entering the private sector.
Some of the spin-out companies being created now are fabulous.
The spin-out company, which will employ 600, will be based in Gurgaon near Delhi.