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spin-off / дополнительный доход, побочный продукт
имя существительное
дополнительный доход
побочный продукт
byproduct, spin-off
имя существительное
a byproduct or incidental result of a larger project.
the commercial spin-off from defense research
‘The centre will produce some high-quality jobs within it and hopefully create some more successful spin-off companies,’ said Lord Sainsbury.
The spin-off for employers is that they will have an active role in bringing about a more capable workforce for the future success of commerce.
Structuring a mutually beneficial incentive program between the parent and the spin-off can alleviate many of these problems, says Breyer.
Now, the public television station in Boston, WGBH, is creating a spin-off series for Buster the Bunny, who will travel around North America with his father, a pilot.
He described the spin-off of the chip business as ‘absolutely the right thing to do’.
The personal stories became like television or film spin-off shows - attempts to generate new interest in an established narrative by exploring minor characters and plot lines.
Everything about the film, a spin-off from a popular Brazilian sitcom, was done with the latest digital technology - from the production to the distribution to the exhibition.
He went to the NBC network to propose that they make a spin-off series from the film, which they'd call Transylvania.
The Scottish Association for Marine Science is developing a new strategy for marine biotechnology and hopes to create valuable spin-off companies.
In the entertainment world, a spin-off is a television strategy that creates a new programme around characters appearing in a show already being broadcast.