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spin / спин, вращение, штопор
имя существительное
rotation, turning, spin, revolution, roll, twirl
corkscrew, spin, tailspin, bottle-screw
spin, span
spin, flail, screw, fly round, slew, slue
twist, spin, twirl, screw, twiddle, curl
имя существительное
a rapid turning or whirling motion.
he concluded the dance with a double spin
a brief trip in a vehicle for pleasure.
a spin around town
turn or cause to turn or whirl around quickly.
the girl spun around in alarm
draw out (wool, cotton, or other material) and convert it into threads, either by hand or with machinery.
they spin wool into the yarn for weaving
fish with a spinner.
they were spinning for salmon in the lake
I'll gladly swap my Teacup ride for a spin on the Waltzer, but I'll keep my Teacup repeat rider ticket in my wallet, just in case.
The difficulty of landing the power meter within the sweet spot AND putting spin on the ball is nice, but it can be difficult.
Sans its right engine, the skimmer shot hard to the right, and the rider swerved left to avoid it as it whirled in a sickening spin and crashed to the ground.
an hour-long spin class
This leaves room for some to develop a meritocratic spin on the capitalist system.
In these interior images, figures read aloud, spin wool, and converse with one another.
He also showed tighter spin on his breaking ball.
they spin wool into the yarn for weaving
He was told to spin jute yarn by a hand rotating machine, because of which his palms were blistered and, at times, bleeding.
You would have to be fairly frightened to spin the story of those young people's deaths so that the cause was a law that protects a living creature.