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spillway / водосброс, водослив
имя существительное
spillway, weir, lasher, overfall, wear
имя существительное
a passage for surplus water from a dam.
The jet device can measure the erosion potential of a soil in vegetated channels, road embankments, dams, spillways , and construction sites.
Clouds were building up so we had to hurry over the boardwalk that looks down into the gorge cut by the Kallada, fed by the spillway of the dam.
This is done with a stilling basin at the spillway 's outlet.
There are still some rescues going on near the spillway at Canyon Lake.
To this day, it continues to grind away - a giant spillway steadily funneling water, mud, and whitewater rafters toward the Grand Canyon, which lies 315 miles south of the park.
Although the dam held, it sustained damage to its concrete core and spillway .
After the spillway breached, it was about 190 feet wide and 40 feet deep.
Laing Dam, on the Buffalo River near King William's Town, which feeds into Bridle Drift, peaked in the morning when the water was 2,09 metres above the spillway .
The current software program predicts how an earthen spillway will perform and evaluates its potential for failure.
We have been at the dam in years gone by when the roar of water pouring over the spillway was deafening, and could even be heard at the car park.
Construction is expected to start on the first part of the dam wall, which is the foundation for the second spillway , by the end of May.