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spillover / избыток, переливание через край
имя существительное
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, spillover
переливание через край
overflow, spillover
имя существительное
an instance of overflowing or spreading into another area.
there has been a spillover into public schools of the ethos of private schools
The 1999 war in Angola had spillover effects on Namibia, showing how conflict in one state can influence its neighbors.
Tent camps sprang up around the city to take the spillover from hotels.
Indeed, most productivity improvements had similar multiple spillover effects.
Governments, through regulations, laws, and international treaties, have mandated procedures such as customs requirements that have spillover effects that may improve security.
the spillover effect of the quarrel
The Americanisation of the world often seems to result from a reaction to external events or a spillover of domestic forces rather than a projection of power and political will.
Inflate today and the consequences (as we are witnessing) will be, first and foremost, rising asset prices, with only spillover effects for goods, services and labor markets.
Last night, two people overnighted in accident and emergency and on Sunday, there was a spillover of 12 there.
the village was a spillover from a neighbouring, larger village
A wide range of conventional weapons were introduced into Afghanistan, and their spillover into neighbouring Pakistan was cynically labelled as the growth of the ‘Kalashnikov culture.’