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spill / пролить, проливать, разливать
shed, spill
spill, shed, slop, run, slop out, slop over
spill, pour, pour out, ladle, ladle out, slop
имя существительное
shedding, spill
spill, flood
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, spill
имя существительное
a quantity of liquid that has spilled or been spilled.
a 25-ton oil spill
a fall from a horse or bicycle.
Granddad took a spill while riding the bay mare
a thin strip of wood or paper used for lighting a fire, candle, pipe, etc..
In front of us stood a low oaken table on which there was more mead and wine, and, appropriately for the room, a collection of long clay pipes, loose tobacco and spills .
cause or allow (liquid) to flow over the edge of its container, especially unintentionally.
you'll spill that coffee if you're not careful
And an oil spill or industrial disaster can wipe out big chunks of the environment.
he was absolved from any blame for the oil spill
a 25-ton oil spill
Cooking fuel should be stored upright and away from your food, in case of an accidental spill .
He picks it up and passes it to her being careful not to spill a drop.
Although pink salmon and herring catches peaked in the two years immediately following the spill , the two fisheries have since collapsed.
Nobody came forward to say the spill had been an accident, so the assumption must be that it was a purposeful dumping, and one that the perpetrators got away with.
students began to spill out of the building
you'll spill that coffee if you're not careful
Take, for instance, the minor scrapes you can get from a mishap in the free-weight room, or from a spill on your bike.