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spiky / остроконечный, колючий, колосовидный
имя прилагательное
pointed, spiky, gabled, peaked, sharp, ridged
barbed, prickly, spiny, scratchy, thorny, spiky
имя прилагательное
like a spike or spikes or having many spikes.
he has short spiky hair
The foolish youth simply combed back his short spiky hair nonchalantly.
And gone is the trademark spiky hair, which has been replaced by a longer, ‘messier’ style.
I turned to see a guy with black spiky hair that stuck out in all directions and his clothing style screamed rebel.
A boy with spiky blond hair looked at me, muttering to his friends.
The door opened suddenly and in walked a tall figure with spiky hair.
A smaller scruffy-looking kid with spiky hair ran onto the middle of the court.
His face was bony - defined cheekbones, a sharp jaw, blonde, spiky hair.
He nuzzled the side of my neck, his spiky hair tickling my jaw.
Mr Cooper is described as white, 5ft 6in, of stocky build with spiky black hair.
He sighed deeply, sheathed his sword, ran his hand through his blonde spiky hair, and made up his mind.