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spigot / кран, втулка, втулочное соединение
имя существительное
crane, tap, faucet, cock, spigot, water tap
sleeve, hub, bushing, bush, collar, spigot
втулочное соединение
имя существительное
a small peg or plug, especially for insertion into the vent of a cask.
The spigot stem had an annular cutting edge to cut a cylindrical plug out of the bung or stopper by twisting the spigot .
a faucet.
And how confident are you that at this point that spigot , as you have characterized it, has been shut off?
the plain end of a section of a pipe fitting into the socket of the next one.
I have done some plumbing, replacing outdoor spigots and sweating them back together.
The government could certainly go to employers and enact stiff penalties and cut that spigot off.
The children, ever resilient, laughed and drank deeply from the truck's spigot .
In the base of each is a drain, and below that a common coffee urn spigot .
When a doctor suggests implanting a ‘shunt’ to ease future operations, the patient is reluctant to have a spigot installed in his head.
He ran a 1/2-inch-diameter feeder line from a spigot outside his house to the closest gutter downspout.
Turning off the Chinese credit spigot , therefore, is certainly not desirable - at least not until after November 4th.
The liquid entrance to the spigot is placed well back on the shaft.
Hank had hooked up some hoses together using a spigot on the far side of the barn.
But even this was not enough, and now this liquidity spigot is running dry.
The global liquidity spigot is wide open and an increasing number of economies are beneficiaries.