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spidery / паучий, тонкий, паукообразный
имя прилагательное
thin, fine, subtle, small, slim, spidery
arachnid, spidery
имя прилагательное
resembling a spider, especially having long, thin, angular lines like a spider's legs.
the letters were written in a spidery hand
Granted, half of the pink spidery lines were not by her own doing.
It had notes on it in a spidery thin handwriting next to what must be Skade's writing, which was clear and firm.
It's really just eight pages of spidery scrawl - both sides of course - which I will be sending out to everyone I have ever come into contact with.
As soon as Angel had gotten comfy sitting on the side of her own mattress, with her long, spidery legs hanging over the sides, Dr. Spear spoke.
Both the water and the office are very, very cold, which is why the handwriting on this is so spidery : I'm shaking.
Written in a spidery script was Hargreave's communique.
His hands were long and spidery , his limbs long and gangly.
For a moment Aidan only looked at it from across the room, not wanting to go near it, to see the words scrawled across it in his mother's spidery handwriting.
He could see her fumbling around for her purse and muttering to herself furiously through the spidery , cracked windshield as he and the stranger rounded the car to survey the damage.
Pockets of spidery white nigella are turning to seed while yellow blossoms of evening primrose tip their faces upwards in the late-morning sun.