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spice / специи, специя, пряность
имя существительное
spice, flavoring, flavouring
spice, season, flavor, savor, relish, dress
придавать пикантность
flavor, sauce, spice, salt, season, zest
имя существительное
an aromatic or pungent vegetable substance used to flavor food, e.g., cloves, pepper, or mace.
enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly ground spices
a russet color.
Replace summer shimmery pink and peaches with creamier, more satiny lip finishes - with a hint of shine-in soft shades of spice , bronze and taupe.
flavor with spice.
turbot with a spiced sauce
Written in the slang of a middle-class teenager from Sao Paulo, it is part diary, part blog and even offers how-to tips for readers looking to spice up their sex lives.
And to spice up the controversy, the very people who ushered her into the sport are the ones clamoring to get her kicked out.
This particular tabloid saw fit to urge readers to spice up their Sunday by studying something other than football and racing form; naked exploitation in the most explicit manner.
And he expects the status quo to remain the same this year, despite a raft of rule changes designed to spice up grand prix weekends.
To add a bit of spice , a celebrity panel contributes to the discussion.
The Italians, with their great tradition of international football, add a bit of spice to the occasion.
To add spice to the event, well-known TV personalities were introduced as the masters of ceremonies.
He said the festival also encouraged young artistes to play musical instruments instead of relying on computers to spice up their sounds.
There are some variants that we have found add more spice / interest.
Traditionally, the Chinese have used it as a food coloring, preservative and spice .