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spherical / сферический, шарообразный
имя прилагательное
spherical, spheric, round, globular, orbicular, conglobate
spherical, spheric, round, conglobate, orbed
имя прилагательное
shaped like a sphere.
A tiny somewhat spherical shaped object appeared off in the distance, moving quickly and effortlessly to the side of the craft.
At 85 km, the self-stabilizing spherical capsule separates.
An oblong Earth that swells out at the equator would turn more slowly than a spherical Earth - astronomers use the analogy of a figure skater who turns faster as he draws in his arms.
She could see the round, spherical canvasses stretched across the metal, almost grotesquely.
They had the typical appearance of spherical or elliptical aggregates of altered erythrocytes surrounded by an envelope.
It is a mathematical truism that a spherical surface cannot be developed into a plane.
They then wrote software to design circuits on spherical surfaces without distorting the physics of electrons that whiz through wires thinner than a human hair.
The elliptical shape can curve, but a round spherical shape can not.
For example, he held that fire rises in order to reach its natural place, a spherical shell just inside the orbit of the moon.
This exotic matter forms a thin spherical shell and has negative mass and positive surface pressure.
Kepler showed that the distances of the planets can be correlated with the radii of spherical shells, which are inscribed within, and circumscribed around, a nest of the five regular solids.