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sphere / сфера, шар, круг
имя существительное
sphere, scope, area, realm, domain, range
ball, sphere, bowl, globe, orb, glob
circle, range, round, lap, disk, sphere
замыкать в круг
придавать форму шара
shape into a ball, sphere
превозносить до небес
exalt to the skies, extol to the skies, sphere
имя существительное
a round solid figure, or its surface, with every point on its surface equidistant from its center.
There's a particularly good 3D Objects tool, which lets you create modelled spheres , cubes, rectangles cones, pyramids, toroids and more effortlessly.
;an area of activity, interest, or expertise; a section of society or an aspect of life distinguished and unified by a particular characteristic.
political reforms to match those in the economic sphere
enclose in or as if in a sphere.
denoting a structure or region of spherical form, especially a region around the earth.
denoting an area of activity, section of society, etc., distinguished by a particular characteristic.
The mystical warrior balled up his fist, summoning a sphere of black energy, which was surrounded by purple lightening, and flung it into the air.
Anyway, the large sphere is the planet, obviously.
Few of us had emerged so far into the public sphere of largely male activity that the guys had actually noticed the shift.
The humans in the painting reveal the geometric shapes, volume in sphere , oval, cylinder or ellipses.
Planets float about the sphere as satellites, the bright sun rakes across its surface, and you want to move under it and explore the space beneath this levitating orb.
These will include a 20-metre sphere representing the Earth.
They based their nation-building activities and their participation in the politics of the public sphere on their maternal role in society.
Perhaps it is more aptly described not as a sphere but as spheres.
Bob then lifted his hand to waist height and then turned it palm side up, a light then came from Bob's hand and formed a sphere that looked like earth.
In civil society and the public sphere , myriad groups interact and seek to influence each other.