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spew / изрыгать, блевать
spew, belch, belch out, disgorge, belch forth, regorge
barf, spew, cat, ralph, fetch up, spue
имя существительное
vomit, spew, spue
vomit, retching, puke, vomitus, retch, spew
overflow, spew, flow
expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly.
buses were spewing out black clouds of exhaust
Two pulp mills spew chemicals into the river that is the only source of the city's water.
The spew in my hair, my top missing, this alien bathroom with its funny shower tiles, a kind of washed out blue with sea plants and animals inserted what seemed like randomly in between.
By now, the helicopter had begun to spew smoke, not able to withstand as a shield for much longer.
Jessica stopped after only about fifty yards when the engine began to spew dark smoke.
Visa officials should have the immediate power to deny entry to all those who spew hatred of America or who belong to organizations that express enmity to the United States.
I am convinced of my son's comic timing as he always manages to hit me with this surprise spew only after I've changed or washed.
Greed is one of the primary factors that induces corporations to, say, spew chemicals into our air and water.
Most important thing is to make sure the gas and oil mix (two cycle oil) is right so you won't burn out the engine or be spewing a lot of smoke.
The rapid formation of bubbles is also why a carbonated beverage spews when opened after having been shaken.
Joey stared at it absently, taking an exaggerated interest in the papers spewing out.