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spermatic / семенной, сперматический
имя прилагательное
seminal, spermatic
spermatic, seminal
имя прилагательное
of or relating to sperm or semen.
The spermatic fluid may be rich, ordinary, poor or insufficient, or absolutely worthless.
The voice which speaks in Twenty Love Poems is that of a spermatic adolescent, drunk on his own rhetoric, who identifies women with the cosmic forces of nature.
The middle suprarenal sometimes provides a spermatic artery, more frequently on the left than on the right side.
A dominant vein was required to demonstrate the usual features which would be present in a spermatic vein, including a well-defined intima and media.
Warm, dark, the maroon velvet seats remind me of the womb, and then there's the spermatic smell of popcorn.
Testicular volume and blood flow in the spermatic artery were measured by scrotal ultrasonography and color duplex sonography preoperatively, three months postoperatively and then every six months.
In the male, he meticulously identified previously unknown parts of the spermatic duct system.
The spermatic fluid may be rich, ordinary, poor or insufficient, or absolutely worthless.
The presence of blind-ending spermatic vessels confirms an absent testis, allowing termination of the procedure without a groin incision.
By contrast, females paired with Tudor males that had main cells but were spermatically deprived died after only 21 days, a significant reduction in lifespan.
Although, I think it was just continuity error that Holling believed he was spermatically challenged when Jackie showed up because he never said it was physically impossible when Shelly started believing she was pregnant.