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sperm / сперма, сперматозоид, кашалот
имя существительное
sperm, semen, cum, jizz, spunk, seed
sperm, spermatozoon, zoosperm
sperm whale, cachalot, sperm
The procedure identifies and sorts sperm into two types determining whether a fertilised egg develops into a male or female embryo.
Male sterilisation is not immediately effective, and a condom must still be used until an analysis shows there are no sperm left in the semen.
It may be a ‘potential person,’ or have the ability to grow to become a person, but a similar claim could be made for a sperm and an ovum that haven't yet touched each other.
He agreed, but to save time and also, no doubt, for egotistical reasons, he inseminated all the women with his own sperm .
Most importantly, the scrapping of anonymity has no apparent support among parents of children born as a consequence of donated sperm .
Within the bill are sections that make it illegal to sell your sperm or eggs or to receive remuneration for acting as a surrogate mother.
But for other people, for people who are on the far right, sperm meeting egg even in a lab, that's life.
Researchers from Saudi Arabia told scientists meeting in Spain how they had successfully produced embryos from air-dried sperm .
Rakoff's essays about having Hodgkins disease and hunting down the sperm he once donated are classics.
Because our donor friends lived on the West Coast and we on the East, we had the sperm frozen and shipped to us.