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speller / орфографический справочник
имя существительное
орфографический справочник
speller, spelling-book
имя существительное
a person who spells with a specified ability.
a very weak speller
She picks up a book and says ‘Oh, there's my speller .’
This color laser printed limited edition is made from paint and collage placed on top of a nineteenth-century speller .
Stefan (if I may call him that - my computer speller goes into overdrive with his surname) made me realise for the first time what witty and professional writers Flanders and Swann were.
However, a poor speller may or may not be strong in other cognitive abilities, particularly those not directly associated with language processing.
a very weak speller
If you're not the world's best speller , have trusted friends and colleagues check your site copy for errors.
Therefore Elizabeth was a great speller and she remembered poems that she can still recite.
He also produced a grammar and a reader that were sold as a set with the speller .
a very weak speller
To be a good Scrabble player you need good word knowledge and to be a good speller .