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spellchecker / программа проверки орфографии
программа проверки орфографии
проверка орфографии
spell checker
имя существительное
a computer program that checks the spelling of words in files of text, typically by comparison with a stored list of words.
If you're familiar with the spellchecker in a word processor, you'll get on with this tool instantly.
The scientists theorize that it can execute 765 different programs - although nothing as complex as, say, a spellchecker .
He even spelt some words wrong, and maybe he should've just used the computer spellchecker .
When you run the spellchecker , it checks the spellings of words, says ok this word is wrong, do you want it changed.
My spellchecker (which has rather a lot of questions about this text) asks if ‘noseless’ should be ‘noiseless ’.
But like I said, in this experiment, I am paying no mind to the spellchecker 's naggings, and will push on.
Many full-formed adults come over all trembly when parted from the spellchecker on the PC.
I don't remember exactly how she responds or if her reply was run through spellchecker .
And, boy, did the spellchecker go mad on these sentences.
Okay, so it appears I made a typo on ‘so’ and my spellchecker helpfully changed the word to ‘sortie,’ but you get the point.
I tried to explain the spellchecker to her, but after a few seconds I realized I was wasting my breath.