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speleology / спелеология
имя существительное
speleology, spelunking, potholing, spelaeology
имя существительное
the study or exploration of caves.
Her interests include archaeology, botany and speleology .
Southeastern Cave Conservancy Inc. was formed to acquire and manage caves for scientific study, education of those persons interested in speleology , and conservation of these resources.
His field of expertise is speleology (the study of caves) and karstology (the study of karst lands).
Her interests include archaeology, botany and speleology .
He studied speleology and wrote a book on the work and life of Karel Absolon, discoverer of the Punkva caves near Brno.
That record put the Bulgarian speleologists among the first to reach the lowest point of the planet Earth.
None of these had a map, any recollection of the cave's name, or predictably, even basic speleological Slovak.
He was till recently the head scientist at the world's first speleological institute.
The Velebit region is Croatia's largest mountain range, attracting speleologists , botanists and hikers from around the world.
From all corners came archaeologists, anthropologists, speleologists : none of them believed him.
When speleologists found one such cave in 1977, they named it after Australia's Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser.