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speed / скорость, быстрота, число оборотов
имя существительное
speed, velocity, rate, pace, rapidity, quickness
rapidity, speed, swiftness, quickness, rate, promptness
число оборотов
accelerate, speed up, speed, hasten, expedite, precipitate
устанавливать скорость
haste, hasten, push on, be in a hurry, speed, hie
имя существительное
the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.
we turned onto the runway and began to gather speed
rapidity of movement or action.
the accident was due to excessive speed
each of the possible gear ratios of a bicycle or motor vehicle.
the light-gathering power or f-number of a camera lens.
Lens speed indicates how bright the image in the viewfinder will be.
an amphetamine drug, especially methamphetamine.
Aimed at drug users and their families, the film centres on former drug addicts who were addicted to heroin cocaine, speed and ecstasy.
move quickly.
I got into the car and home we sped
make prosperous or successful.
may God speed you
take or be under the influence of an amphetamine drug.
more kids than ever are speeding, tripping, and getting stoned
play speed
This will provide an extra stop of exposure; remember to set it back to the correct speed once the fog or mist has burned off.
He gave a low chuckle before, in a sudden movement and with surprising speed , he kicked me across the face.
If, however, you have a normal functioning brain, you will feel like you are on speed (amphetamines).
Regulate the speed , remembering that the normal speed for projection is 16 pictures per second.
Information about cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and speed was handed out, as well as tips for keeping clubbers safe.
Drugs such as speed and cocaine are often mixed together to make a lethal concoction that can destroy lives.
He said the ‘unfortunate’ accident was due to excessive speed and the torrential rain.
The accident happened due to excessive speed , contributed to by the condition of the near side rear tyre.
That's enough to catapult it to 60 mph in 10.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 113 mph.