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spectrum / спектр
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
spectral, spectrum
имя существительное
a band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength.
If viewed through a prism, however, there is a decomposition of the light into the colors of the spectrum , each with different wavelengths.
used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points.
the left or the right of the political spectrum
What's more, because the new light source produces white light by mixing blue, green and red, the source can emit any color in the spectrum by varying the mix.
Over the three days of public hearings the board heard from a wide spectrum of people supporting the applications and a small number of local residents and business owners who opposed them.
Modern biology has come to occupy an extreme position in the spectrum of the sciences, dominated by historical explanations of the evolutionary adventures of genes.
Thus, in the instance above cited, they have discovered the black lines which always exist in the spectrum of solar colours given by a glass prism, in the same relative places.
‘They will have to tell the people what exactly their position is in the political spectrum ,’ he said.
My characters and I share a similar esteem for the middle-ground, between indulgence and obligation, and any extremes of the spectrum .
All the pigments absorb light energy to be used by the leaf, but each absorbs only a particular range of wavelengths, or part of the spectrum .
This offers the option of an FFT frequency analysis to view the spectrum of the raw signal or of the distortion analyzer's residual output.
They determine which part of the spectrum would be absorbed and which would pass through unhindered.
Other parties occupy various positions on the political spectrum .