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spectrometer / спектрометр
имя существительное
имя существительное
an apparatus used for recording and measuring spectra, especially as a method of analysis.
Experimentally, we compared the quantitative distribution of each pigment based on our proposed method with one measured using a spectrometer .
The spectrometer provides the measure of the gold carat.
We are collecting the water samples and analysing it with the atomic spectrometer .
The energy reflected back can be analyzed by a spectrometer that researchers then interpret.
He read the labels on the atomic spectrometer 's controls and displays before taking a look into the sample chamber.
An X-ray spectrometer on board the rover performed 15 separate chemical analyses of the Martian soil, and identified large amounts of silicate minerals, suggesting that Mars had a similar geological history to the Earth.
Delta E is a scientific measure of color change calculated by using a color spectrometer which determines the amount of light refracted back to the instrument.
One of the early uses of this was the development of the spectrometer for identification of elements.
The returning light would be detected by an imaging spectrometer to create a spectral image of the apple on a computer screen.
The detector range of the array spectrometer is 200 to 875 nm, from ultraviolet into the near infrared.
The specimens were subjected to element analysis by an energy-dispersive spectrometer .