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spectre / призрак, привидение, дурное предчувствие
имя существительное
ghost, specter, phantom, apparition, wraith, spook
ghost, apparition, specter, spook, spirit, bogey
дурное предчувствие
specter, spectre
имя существительное
a ghost.
Only when memory is, like the narrator's in Kesey's novel, sufficiently dim, do the dead appear as specters and ghosts.
The spectre of fascism is not haunting Europe, reports Dominic Standish from Italy.
The actress was forced to review her disbelief in ghosts when she saw a spectre at New York's Belasco Theater.
There is not a sport within the Olympic movement that does not have a cloud hanging over it in terms of the spectre of drug abuse.
Such a government is threatened at all times by the spectre of a vote of non-confidence, forcing an election or change of government.
The ease with which he could jump from a crisis of British farming to the spectre of biological warfare highlighted the salience of fear as a political resource today.
The train, with its dim lights, stood there like a monster spectre in the dark.
That was the Fed's first rate hike in four years, driven by growing evidence of a strengthening U.S. labour market and the spectre of new inflationary pressures.
Overblown fears about social instability have created the spectre of the terrorist asylum seeker.
He believes the spectre is the ghost of Pte Crowley, of the 11th North Devonshire Regiment.
They both sensed the spectre 's presence at the same time.