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spectral / спектральный, призрачный
имя прилагательное
spectral, spectrum
illusory, ghostly, illusive, phantom, shadowy, spectral
имя прилагательное
of or like a ghost.
It was probably a good idea to dispense with spectral evidence, since ghosts routinely resist cross-examination.
of or concerning spectra or the spectrum.
Only his face showed differently, a stark white mask that floated towards the surface of his new spectral incarnation.
Behind him, in single file, was an infinite line of spectral children, their long, pale fingers grabbing the air, every movement so chaotic, yet so beautifully harmonious.
You will walk by the locations of numerous ghostly sightings and hear of mysterious, unexplained happenings and spine-tingling depictions of spectral interaction with current residents and employees.
The patterns to be copied and the blocks themselves are not finely detailed and the spectral differences between red and white sections are quite large.
Witnessing his sister's growing infatuation, Macon realizes his feelings are growing for Muriel, especially when he meets her sickly, spectral son, Alexander.
The duration of reflectance spectral acquisition was less than 1 second during which the light source of the bronchoscope was switched off.
A laser is the generator of intense coherent, electromagnetic radiation in the spectral range between ultra violet and infrared wavelengths.
The principal steps in obtaining the spectral transmittance of specimens from these pictures are as follows.
Little is known about this, but either or both of the quantity and spectral quality of light could conceivably be significant in various ways.
Dripping blood, lightning storms, and midnight crypt visits are only a few of the tricks that The Ghost has up its spectral sleeve.