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spectator / зритель, наблюдатель, очевидец
имя существительное
viewer, spectator, onlooker, beholder, bystander, looker-on
observer, watcher, supervisor, spectator, onlooker, bystander
eyewitness, witness, spectator, beholder
имя существительное
a person who watches at a show, game, or other event.
These have every appearance of being intended for the use of spectators watching sporting events.
In this sense the spectator is doubly positioned as an onlooker outside the text.
It was as if my trip had become a movie and I was a spectator watching.
For the first time in years I attended a championship match not as a reporter but as a spectator .
She was a spectator, a spectator watching her life break apart before her eyes.
I watched them like a spectator at a tennis match as the ball went from one court to the other.
The driving snow meant that conditions were far from ideal, but a fiery game warmed players and spectators alike.
She concedes, though, that her interest in football is as much about the spectators as about the game itself.
With both teams willing to play fast open rugby, spectators were treated to a great game.
Reports say that thousands of eager spectators are descending on the town in anticipation of the event.
He took her arm, leading her back to the tape, where curious spectators watched.