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spectacular / захватывающий, эффектный, импозантный
имя прилагательное
exciting, spectacular, breathtaking, thrilling, engrossing, enthralling
spectacular, effective, showy, dramatic, glamor, glamorous
imposing, spectacular, grand
имя существительное
эффектное зрелище
имя прилагательное
beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way.
spectacular mountain scenery
имя существительное
an event such as a pageant or musical, produced on a large scale and with striking effects.
The 1930s became the classic decade of Imperial spectaculars .
It's the first time the theatre is hosting an ice spectacular .
The Orchard County had bloomed in spectacular fashion and delivered the finest crop in its history.
A group of extrovert Otley men will be stripping for a very good cause at a fund-raising spectacular next month.
They hiked part way up the mountain and beheld a spectacular view.
So in the interests of an extreme spectacular , cross your fingers for wind, and watch out for flying kitesurfers.
When a fine wine is allowed to age spectacular changes can occur which increase both its complexity and monetary value.
Plane crashes make the headlines because they are spectacular and invariably involve major loss of life.
On the other hand perhaps the most spectacular failure was that of Duke Robert the Magnificent of Normandy.
Tom Russell said the sporting spectacular had helped kickstart a change in fortunes for the area.
He was obviously thinking I had done something spectacular while he was away.