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spectacle / зрелище, спектакль, представление
имя существительное
spectacle, sight, show, scene, pageant, raree-show
performance, play, show, spectacle, theatrical, histrionics
representation, presentation, idea, represent, submission, spectacle
имя существительное
a visually striking performance or display.
the acrobatic feats make a good spectacle
But don't expect gimmicky spectacle from their performance.
the spectacle of a city's mass grief
A beam of pure white light sliced through the darkness giving sight to the grizzly spectacle before them.
This horse and pony section has developed enormously over the past number of years and is a very colourful spectacle .
Young ones, as soon as they were fully developed, would be shaken out of their nests, a spectacle much commented upon by travellers.
The play itself is a multi-media spectacle that uses puppetry, sound-effects, performing masks and a live band featuring some of the county's top musicians.
Across the city people clustered at office windows and gathered on factory roofs to view the spectacle .
The result was a visually satisfying and sumptuous spectacle ; its 350 costumes must be every little girl's dream of a fairy tale.
Now I had to admit that we watched this spectacle from a safe vantage point behind the baked beans aisle.
Nothing is more distinctive than the chaotic spectacle of Neapolitan street-life.