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speckled / крапчатый
имя прилагательное
mottled, speckled, spotted, marbled, spotty, pepper-and-salt
имя прилагательное
covered or marked with a large number of small spots or patches of color.
a large speckled brown egg
mark with a large number of small spots or patches of color.
stars speckled the sky
The long, thick flash of silver was unmistakable - a grand speckled trout.
Night spreads out like a vast dark veil speckled with silver.
Leaves formed in late summer show a fine, yellowish, speckled mottling.
Generally, I like my pancake served speckled side up.
On her head sits a black pillbox hat with a shoulder-length black veil speckled with black velvet dots.
The steep row of hills separating the provinces was speckled with hundreds of wild pistachio trees.
I love to see her eyes transform into a brown lighter than a wild cat's, with the fiery glint of speckled gold.
A stunned silence followed, then a small group began to applaud, speckled patches of clapping joining from across the auditorium.
I saw market stalls full of produce, dusty papaya skins speckled by rain.
Some crystals grow to a much bigger size giving granite a speckled appearance.