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speckle / пятнать, испещрять
stain, sully, spot, tarnish, speckle, besmirch
streak, dot, speckle, dapple, flecker, mottle
имя существительное
speck, spot, fleck, speckle, mottle
speck, spot, dot, mote, speckle, mottle
имя существительное
a small spot or patch of color.
Her purse jingled as she rummaged through it before removing a single handkerchief, rosy pink with white speckles , and dabbing her tweaked brow.
mark with a large number of small spots or patches of color.
stars speckled the sky
They are soft brown in colour and speckled like an egg.
It oozed into the brown liquid below him and speckled across the other trouser leg.
His fur was almost entirely grey, except for a few blond speckles .
The sundress Deanna wore a few hours earlier was speckled in dirt and blood.
He was a tall man, in his late fifties, with dark, speckled hair and darker eyes.
Eve opened the door and saw that the blanket had been speckled with blood.
They mournfully gazed at the empty floor that was earlier that day full of brown eggs speckled with grey spots.
The shells are speckled and range in color from dark brown to blue or white.
Katie's eyes were a brilliant, intense green, with little streaks and speckles of blue and orange in them.
Each building was speckled primarily with lights of yellow, and a few reds and greens scattered about as well.