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species / вид, разновидность, порода
имя существительное
view, kind, form, look, appearance, species
species, variety, kind, variation, type, form
breed, species, race, kind, strain, stock
имя существительное
a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. The species is the principal natural taxonomic unit, ranking below a genus and denoted by a Latin binomial, e.g., Homo sapiens.
As in Darwin's theory of natural selection, a species must adjust to survive.
the visible form of each of the elements of consecrated bread and wine in the Eucharist.
a new molecular species
the male of the species
Organisms of a particular species all have the same genes but have different alleles.
Is it that Graphic Design will be thought of as a species of decorative art or some kind of crazy expressive thing?
the female of the species
a species of invective at once tough and suave
Most species have no natural predators and so do not fear humans.
Most writers deny thinking of a specific reader, or of a species called readers when writing.
a political species that is becoming more common, the environmental statesman
In an industry where song writers are a rare species , Louie X has come to stand-out as one of the most song writers of note.