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specialized / специализированный
имя прилагательное
specialized, particularized
имя прилагательное
requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training.
skilled treatment for these patients is very specialized
concentrate on and become expert in a particular subject or skill.
he could specialize in tropical medicine
This law favored immigrants with post-secondary education, technical training, and specialized skills.
The company has remained in this specialized product area and has continually ploughed back profit into product development.
For these jobs, specialized abilities and training are required.
There were no college courses offering specialized training in information security.
There are currently hundreds of specialized software programs to detect its presence.
As editors gain experience with specialized subjects, they can move up in the hierarchy.
Certain tasks go easier with specialized tools, which is why manufacturers produce dozens of designs in varying grades.
Miner spent the next three years designing specialized chips for cardiac pacemakers.
The school is the place where one teaches the knowledge, skills, and specialized competencies required to find a good job and be successful.
The book is densely argued and requires more specialized expertise than a general reader is likely to have.