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spearhead / острие, наконечник копья, острие копья
имя существительное
point, edge, spearhead, spike, peak, nib
наконечник копья
острие копья
lead, head, chair, spearhead, forge, forge ahead
быть зачинщиком
имя существительное
the point of a spear.
Soon it was literally raining spearheads on the assassin.
lead (an attack or movement).
he's spearheading a campaign to reduce the number of accidents at work
The Society became the spearhead of the Counter-Reformation, though originally intended as a missionary order.
His body spun round in the air gracefully and he brought the spearhead round quickly.
We're going to penetrate the spearhead and take on the command center.
she became the spearhead of a health education program
The spearhead of opposition was the Board of Transportation.
she became the spearhead of a health education programme
From the top, a long, razor-sharp, spearhead fired and clicked into place.
It was a curious design, like a shortened, blunt spearhead hung upside down.
The spearhead of the force was a mixture of exiles and drafted French prisoners.
Now this generation has seen the spearhead of reforms since 1998.