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spear / копье, гарпун, дротик
имя существительное
spear, lance, pike, shaft, glaive, gad
harpoon, spear, grains, fizgig, fish-gig
dart, javelin, spear, assegai, assagai
spear, pikeman, lance knight
spear, harpoon, gaff, leister, fish spear, fizgig
выбрасывать стрелку
spear, sucker, tassel
pierce, spike, impale, transfix, pass through, spear
пронзать копьем
spear, lance
бить острогой
spear, leister, gig
пойти в стрелку
имя существительное
a weapon with a long shaft and a pointed tip, typically of metal, used for thrusting or throwing.
Their traditional hunting weapons were spears and blow guns.
pierce or strike with a spear or other pointed object.
she speared her last French fry with her fork
People always want to know if my children are good eaters, or if a spear of broccoli reduces them to tears.
The thrusting spear tended to have a stronger, fairly broad leaf or lozenge shaped head with a central ridge for strength.
Chic women in Gucci sunglasses and high heels used toothpicks to spear their next mouthful with precision, others just grabbed chunks off display plates with their fingers.
Place a whole asparagus spear in the center of the salad.
The spear was the commonest weapon with an iron blade on a wooden shaft, often of ash and 2 to 3m in length.
With a quick snap the spear came down and caught a fish in the sharpened barbs that Erik cut into it.
Place one asparagus spear on each pasta square so the tips extend outside the pasta.
On the walls were fish netting with an assortment of fishing equipment, including a fishing spear .
It is said that every child born to the Karstarks is taught how to handle a sword before the age of ten and to throw a spear before the age of twelve.
She tossed lettuce around in her salad and was preparing to spear a piece to her fork when the waitress bought their entrées.