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speakerphone / громкая связь
громкоговорящий телефонный аппарат
громкая связь
speaker phone
имя существительное
a telephone with a loudspeaker and microphone, allowing it to be used without picking up the handset.
It's also important to provide small conference rooms throughout an open office space where teams and individuals can meet, use speakerphones or make confidential telephone calls.
After a few moments of searching, and after about three more rings, he decided to use the speakerphone .
to put a call on the speakerphone
The speakerphone went silent for a few seconds and resumed.
Ben Collins took a deep breath and stared at the speakerphone on his desk.
Now you can change yours into a hand-free speakerphone like the kind in those expensive luxury cars!
You can have as many people listening in on a speakerphone as you want.
The 2 girls sat on Grace's bed listening intently to their friend's voice on the speakerphone .
I was appalled with the poor speakerphone our department used to connect two geographically diverse groups of our faculty for faculty meetings.
There's a built-in speakerphone capable of connecting up to five parties simultaneously.
I walk over to the speakerphone to shut it off and turn back to the canvas.