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speaker / спикер, оратор, громкоговоритель
имя существительное
speaker, orator, spokesman, spokesperson, mouthpiece, rhetor
speaker, loudspeaker, megaphone, blower, reproducer, loud-hailer
имя существительное
a person who speaks.
This has the effect of distancing the speaker from the hearer.
the presiding officer in a legislative assembly, especially the House of Representatives.
President Delaney, the Speaker of the House, and a bevy of civilian and military officials sat silently as the count slowly approached zero.
Someone had gained access to the cafeteria's speaker system and was playing music.
The last fluent speaker of the Carib language reportedly died in the 1920s, although efforts are now being made to revive that language.
A native Marathi speaker , Bal keeps a bound volume of Ramdas open on his table.
The gesture of raising the eyebrows in conversation expresses one's understanding of the speaker 's speech and is an invitation to continue.
The guest speaker for the week-long celebration will be Jeremy Watson, a leading expert on Spanish wines.
The guest speaker during the launch was the Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon Jesaya Nyamu.
he is a fluent English and French speaker
What is presupposed in this sense is not asserted by the speaker but is nevertheless understood by the hearer.
She half heard the guest speaker introduce himself and welcome the audience to the ceremony.
There will be a three day long slide show of pictures and a guest speaker .