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spay / удалять яичники
удалять яичники
sterilize (a female animal) by removing the ovaries.
the animals must be spayed or neutered before they are given up for adoption
I think it's practical to spay and neuter deer to gradually decrease the population.
We have no by-laws forcing pet owners to spay or neuter their cats and dogs.
By spaying your cat, you can prevent several unwanted behaviors.
Spaying and neutering ensures that your pet cannot reproduce.
Does the policy cover neutering or spaying costs?
I had my house rabbit spayed a couple of weeks ago.
Cats are astonishingly effective breeders, and spaying one female can prevent the birth of 36,000 kittens within just five years.
The only answer is to have your animal spayed or neutered.
The emphasis on spaying females is critically important.
She estimates that over the years she has picked up as many as 100 strays and had them spayed or neutered.