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spawn / порождать, метать икру, плодиться
generate, spawn, originate, engender, breed, beget
метать икру
spawn, spat
имя существительное
caviar, roe, spawn, caviare, hard roe
spawn, brat, whelp, bantling
mycelium, spawn
имя существительное
the eggs of fish, frogs, etc..
the fish covers its spawn with gravel
the product or offspring of a person or place (used to express distaste or disgust).
the spawn of chaos: demons and sorcerers
the mycelium of a fungus, especially a cultivated mushroom.
They also sell organically certified shiitake mushroom spawn .
(of a fish, frog, mollusk, crustacean, etc.) release or deposit eggs.
the fish spawn among fine-leaved plants
(of a person) produce (offspring).
why had she married a man who could spawn a boy like that?
lax regulations, especially during the spawn, are responsible for the declining populations
the spawn of Satan
why had she married a man who could spawn a boy like that?
A female may also spawn with the same male in temporally discrete bouts.
Other males spawn with females in groups.
a supplier of spawn for shiitake mushrooms
They asked me to leave and notified the Child Welfare department that if I should ever spawn a child, it should be taken from my custody right away.
Mom says infomercial hosts are spawn of the devil.
The males spawn with each female and exhibit no parental care - an extreme case of polygyny.
Atlantic salmon spawn in October and November.