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spatula / шпатель, лопаточка
имя существительное
spatula, pallet
Using an offset spatula , spread the batter on a silpat-lined sheet pan to form 12 thin triangles.
Pour the batter into the pan - it will be somewhat thick, so spread it around with a spatula if needed.
Using the fork or a small spatula , work the egg mixture in the pan, stirring and drawing the mixture from the outside into the middle.
Aunt Penny couldn't see the difference between a spatula and a spoon.
Using a slotted spatula , transfer the bacon to a paper towel-lined sheet pan, reserve, and maintain the hot pan.
Using a rubber spatula , fold the egg whites into the milk mixture and then fold in the egg yolk mixture.
In the kitchen I took out some eggs and the frying pan with the spatula and started to fry some eggs
She was in the kitchen, waving a spatula around like a microphone while she wiped the counter.
Pour a first layer of cheese mixture in the terrine and even it out with a spatula .
Fold the white sauce gently but thoroughly into the beaten egg whites, using a flexible spatula .